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An eco-friendly journey through the alluring spectacle in the sea that is the coral reefs.

Why Audrey Reefs?

It is often the stresses of everyday life that beget dreams of escaping to a more exotic locale.

Does that sound like you? If so, hold on! Have you thought about the first place stress affects you? Physically, stress materializes in our bodies in our teeth and skin, as they are affected abnormally due to our constant interactions with pollution and contaminants in the modern world. Audrey Reefs strives to minimize these effects through our use of nourishing natural resources. You deserve products that relax and nourish your body to uplift your spirit! Experience Audrey Reefs’ vision and join us on our journey through the ocean and nature. Stand with us and behold the beauty we see in nature become the beauty we see every day.


A reliable company

We highly value the concept of ‘Beyond Truth’ ‒ We want to convey to our customers Authentic Products, Safe and Environmentally-Friendly Materials, and Reliable Distribution. We will not compromise our standards and goal of delivering the safest and most effective products possible to our customers.


A company that adapts to the changes in society and economy

We strive for Sustainability and not just Value Realization. We place utmost importance on creating value for future generations rather than immediate benefits. Our R&D Center (Australia), logistics center, and production plant (Australia, Korea) are underway in preparation for the future sustainable growth of our company.


A company that prioritizes the health of its people

We want to lay the foundations of a sustainable company that delivers greater value through transparent corporate management. We will not compromise our brand image and, more importantly, our values, and the thing we value most is our people.

Audrey Reefs loves women and the invaluable role they play in the world. That’s why we created Audrey Sun, a women’s lifestyle brand that delivers sanitary pads thoughtfully designed with women’s bodies in mind, centered on preserving the heart and beauty of women and nature. It’s also why we’ve partnered with G Foundation to donate thousands of pads to less fortunate girls and women who can’t afford this most basic of hygiene products, so that they can keep their dignity and live their lives with confidence.
'In every walk with nature one receives far more than he seeks.'
John Muir