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The BAIRD Cosmetics S.A

The BAIRD Cosmetics S.A, which comes from Baird Bay in South Australia and is a brand of Audrey Reefs Pty Ltd, is committed to bringing refreshing relaxation to the skin exposed to the stresses of pollution. Baird Bay, well-known worldwide as a clean area with coral reefs that inhabit the seas, has attracted the attention of ecologists for many years. Dermatology researchers of Audrey Reefs and ecologists have been focusing on this natural environment that is rich in sunlight and oxygen content, while closely observing scores of mollusks, wild dolphins, sea lions, and many other wild animals inhabiting this area and have concluded a correlation between a natural environment and the human body. Our brand, The BAIRD Cosmetics S.A, combines the skin with an environment inhabited by natural organisms. 

Baird Pure

Toothpaste 130g

Baird Breath Care

Toothpaste 130g

Baird Gum Care

Toothpaste 130g

Baird Kids

Toothpaste 60g

Baird Black Pearl

Toothbrush (Blue)

Baird Black Pearl

Toothbrush (Pink)

Baird Black Pearl

Toothbrush (Green)

Baird Black Pearl

Toothbrush (White)


AUDREY SUN is a women’s lifestyle brand that was created in Australia’s Audrey Reefs by studying the application of everyday beauty measures. Audrey Reefs pursues beauty sustainability in daily life. The curved pads were thoughtfully designed with a woman’s body in mind, and displays a structure that protects their elegance with a comfortable fit. AUDREY SUN’s new protective cover technology, born from extensive research, ensures exceptional breathability. A pad centering on preserving the heart and beauty of nature.

Audrey Sun Greenway

Medium 12P

Audrey Sun Greenway

Large 10P

Audrey Sun Greenway

Overnight 6P

Audrey Sun Greenway

Liner 40P

Audrey Sun Super Ultra Slim

Medium 16P

Audrey Sun Super Ultra Slim

Large 14P

Audrey Sun Ultra Slim

Overnight 8P

Audrey Sun Super Ultra Slim

Liner 20P

Audrey Sun FemCleanse Foam


Audrey Sun FemCleanse Gel


Audrey Sun Premium Puff


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