The BAIRD Cosmetics S.A

The BAIRD Cosmetics S.A from Baird Bay in South Australia is a brand of Audrey Reefs Pty Ltd. Our brand is committed to bringing refreshing relaxation to skin that is exposed to the stresses of pollution and daily life.


Baird Bay, a pristine marine environment well-known worldwide for its coral reefs and abundant sea life, has attracted the attention of ecologists for many years. Researchers at Audrey Reefs Global R&D Center have been focusing on this natural environment that is rich in sunlight and oxygen content, while also observing the myriad of marine flora and fauna such as algae, fish, mollusks, dolphins, and sea lions that inhabit its waters, and have concluded a correlation between the natural environment and the human body. The BAIRD Cosmetics S.A provides you with cosmetic products that include the best and most natural applications of our research for your skin to be the best it can be, all the while bringing you closer to nature and protecting the environment.


Baird Gum Care

Toothpaste 130g


Baird Breath Care

Toothpaste 130g


Baird Pure

Toothpaste 130g


Baird Kids

Toothpaste 60g


Baird Black Pearl

Toothbrush (Pink)


Baird Black Pearl

Toothbrush (Blue)


Baird Black Pearl

Toothbrush (White)


Baird Black Pearl

Toothbrush (Green)


Baird Deep Blue Spa Mask

4 Times Use