AUDREY SUN is a women’s lifestyle brand created and developed by Australia’s Audrey Reefs

by studying the application of everyday beauty and personal hygiene measures.

Our latest innovative and pioneering addition to our brand is our TCF Double Core™ sanitary pads. Made with the latest in manufacturing technology, these pads feature an organic and natural double absorbent core for advanced natural absorption. The first layer is made of 100% certified organic cotton for quick absorption and a comfortable fit, while the second layer is made of 100% PEFC certified natural Scandinavian pulp, harvested and manufactured in a way to keep environmental impact to a minimum. This second core provides extra absorption and security without the need for synthetic absorbents like SAP. The upper layers of the pad, namely the topsheet and leak prevention side barrier wings, and primary absorber are made entirely of certified organic cotton, ensuring that only the best material touches the sensitive intimate areas.

What does TCF mean? TCF stands for Totally Chlorine Free, the best method for bleaching cotton to ensure there are no harmful chemicals left over from the bleaching process. Fully chlorine-free bleaching (TCF) is a bleaching method that uses environmentally-friendly ingredients without using any type of chlorine or chlorine-based compounds. 

Our FemCleanse feminine cleanser foam and gel give you hygenic inner comfort by providing soft, gentle care for your delicate area with Eucalyptus Oil and balanced pH levels. Our Odor-Block formulation removes odor-causing bacteria for a thorough and stress-free cleansing experience. Adding to our lineup, our latest product, Audrey Sun Premium Puffs, are made from 100% pure, natural, medical-grade cotton. Our Premium Puffs are silky soft and smooth and are multilayered with a lint-free outer layer for easy and no mess application.

Our products center on preserving the heart
and beauty of women and nature.

Audrey Sun TCF Double Core

Pantyliner 26P


Audrey Sun TCF Double Core

Large 10P


Audrey Sun TCF Double Core

Medium 12P

FemCleanse 240_Front.jpg

Audrey Sun FemCleanse Foam


FemCleanse 30_Front.jpg

Audrey Sun FemCleanse Gel


audreysun_premium puff_product image.jpg

Audrey Sun Premium Puff